Gift Ideas

The birthday of a husband, wife, friend or relative is always a joyful event, and each time you want to surprise your loved one with your gift. This is not easy to do if you have been living or communicating together for a long time. On the eve of the holiday, choosing a gift, it begins to seem that you have already presented everything. A person begins to torment the thoughts, what to give to the birthday? So that this time you don’t bother with this, we have collected for you the most unusual birthday gifts, from which you will choose the perfect gift for a loved one.

  1. One of the great gifts can be a ticket to a concert of your favorite band or singer. If this is a foreign artist and a ticket to his concert is expensive, then it will be a cool surprise.
  2. Another interesting gift will be extreme quad skating. This is not only an original birthday present, but also a memorable one. There is no need to even think of any other option, as it is unusual to surprise, because such a walk will give an incredible feeling and cause adrenaline. Many people after riding a quad bike, become fans of this active type of recreation.
  3. A more extreme and unusual gift is a parachute jump. But choosing this gift, you need to find out if your friend is afraid of heights and whether he will agree to such a risky business.
  4. A similar gift will be a balloon or paragliding flight.
  5. You can also give a birthday jump from a bridge with a rope. But just again, you need to think in advance whether such a surprise to your loved one.

Dear soul gift

Few would think of such a thing, choose such creative gifts as icons. This is something that will always be in the home of your loved one, and protect from harm. This is not only an original gift, it is with meaning and can always help. If you have money, you can buy an expensive icon with precious stones in a beautiful frame. Such a gift looks rich and presentable.

Ideal romantic gifts

Romantic unexpected birthday gift will please your soul mate if you put your heart and come up with effective ideas for birthday gifts:

One of these spiritual gifts will be a romantic dinner on the roof of a high-rise building. Just imagine how beautiful it will be when candles are on the roof and the lights of the night city are around you. A bottle of champagne or wine, delicate music, fruits and your girlfriend's favorite dish are all you need for a perfect romantic dinner.

Another wonderful gift for a girl will be sweets, but these are not just two chocolates. You can present a bouquet or a basket of sweets. This beauty will make you people who are engaged in the design of such gifts. You will be able to choose sweets from which a tasty gift will consist.

You can also make a poster of small chocolates with funny inscriptions and wishes. Such a surprise will suit not only the second half, but also a friend or colleague.

Money is also original

Recently, people started to give money to each other more often. But if you just give a man an envelope with money, it will not look festive. But they can be designed so that this souvenir looks original.
Money can be folded in a beautiful bag, which will be the inscription happy birthday or a symbol of dollars.
Banknotes can be tied up with red ribbons and folded into a beautiful box, made with your own hands. You can also decorate the gift with a greeting card with a sincere greeting.
From bills you can make a tree or put a bouquet of flowers. It looks very nice and original.
Put money in the photo frame, make a gift with a special paper with a bow.
You can take a jar and paint it, and put banknotes in it.
Roll the money tight and fold them into a transparent inflatable ball. You can decorate this gift with confetti or sparkles. This case does not take much time.

Warm and comfortable surprises 

Before choosing a warm gift, only a robe and a blanket came to mind. But in the modern world you can find an unusual gift for the day of jam, which will warm a person during the cold season. Today, the most original gift is a pillow with a photo of your loved one. If you rarely go home, then such a gift will brighten up the loneliness of your girlfriend, for example.
You can also give a blanket with sleeves, in which you can wrap up and not freeze in the winter.
Recently, a blanket jacket appeared and quickly became fashionable, which fastens with zippers or buttons, and you can walk along the street.
But, of course, a great gift will be bedding and a pillow in the form of a smile or a heart.

DIY gifts

Panel of threads and carnations

A stylish picture of threads and carnations is a creative gift for all occasions. You can present it to both relatives and friends. Elegant handmade panel will not leave anyone indifferent.

For work you will need:

  1. a piece of board or plywood of a suitable size;
  2. paper template of the desired image;
  3. thick threads (floss or yarn);
  4. thin cloves;
  5. masking tape;
  6. hammer.

First prepare the foundation for the job. If necessary, wood or plywood should be sanded with sandpaper, they can be painted or varnished.
Prepare a drawing template on paper in advance. Fix it on the base with masking tape and hammer nails along the contour at the same interval. Their height should be the same - do not forget to control it.
Remove the paper pattern. Now came the most creative stage of work - wrapping nails with threads.
Tie the tip of the thread to one of the studs and cut the tail. Begin to randomly wrap the cloves with threads, sharp angles should be obtained between them - constantly change direction and try to grab every nail at least once.
At the end of the work, tie the thread to one of the nails and cut the tail.

Bouquet of fruits and vegetables

It’s hard to surprise anyone with a basket of vegetables or fruits, but the original composition assembled from them will be a great gift. Stock up on fresh gifts of nature, toothpicks and patience. In addition, corrugated paper, ribbons, lettuce, foil and other decorative elements will help to decorate the bouquet.

Silhouette on canvas

You will need:
- canvas
- old magazines
- scissors
- glue (preferably glue for decoupage - in this example it is Mod Podge)
- acrylic paint
1. First, cut the old magazines into small pieces (you can attract children - they will like it). Of course, the more colorful the magazine page, the better.
* Do not worry if something is not very even glued, irregularities are even welcome.
3. When everything is stuck, leave the canvas to dry.
4. Prepare the desired silhouette (in this example, a bird in a tree). To make a silhouette, just draw it on cardboard or thick paper and cut it out.
5. Put the silhouette on the canvas and circle it with a pencil or felt-tip pen.
6. Now cover everything except the silhouette with acrylic paint.